Photo by Hiroki Kobayashi

Photo by Hiroki Kobayashi

Jonathan Meter is a freelance photographer and artist with a keen insight into the human spirit and a unique perspective on inanimate objects and the world around him. Jonathan’s vision and masterful use of light allow him to see the potential in the mundane and elicit beauty, movement and life from the unexpected.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 2007 with a BA in political science and photography, Jonathan began his career as a photographer.  His work focuses on food, travel, portraiture and still life.

Raised in an Argentinian Jewish family, Jonathan has a true love of delicious food and has always been an accomplished home cook. Jonathan's vibrant aesthetic creates mouth-wateringly tangible images and breathes energy into the food he shoots. 

In his still life and travel photography, Jonathan channels the essence of an object or his surroundings and captures its energy in a still image. Through his photographs of the environment around him, Jonathan tells his own story, illustrating his experiences and understanding of the world through color, light and rhythm.

Jonathan’s portrait work is driven by his passion for illuminating his subjects’ past, present and future in a single frame. His open mind and natural thoughtfulness allow him to evoke his subjects’ essential personalities in both posed and candid shots. Fascinated by the relationship between photographer and subject, Jonathan seeks to capture his subjects in the context of their life history.

Jonathan grew up in Philadelphia, PA and currently lives in Red Hook, Brooklyn with his wife Jessica, daughter Michaela, and their cats Rafael and Sweet Potato.

By, Jessica Meter